How to give a Rancher Virtual Machine access to the local subnet?


I was just wanting to see if there is a way to give my Rancher Virtual Machines full access to the local subnet of the host?

I have created a windows 8 virtual machine within rancher - but when launched gets the default networking, so it has a 10.42.x.x address - I would like to be able to give this machine an IP address on the same subnet as the host server - is this possible?

Edit: Just wanted to clarify, Is it possible to be able to do this per VM instance, i didn’t necessarily want to change the default docker0 interface config - I just wanted to apply this to certain VM Containers.


I haven’t been able to confirm with anyone, but I don’t believe this is possible. We have had issues in the past where users had hosts that were using the same subnet (10.42.x.x.) and due to that, we weren’t able to use our internal overlay networking and couldn’t launch new instances.