How To install an Apps via Rancher API from the Rencher Catalog

Hello together

I am locking for a solution to install Rancher Catalog Apps via the Rancher API.

I use Rancher v2.2.2

I have study the coding in the Rancher Vagrant Quick-start scripts. There I can see some example how to use the API in shell scripts. That works fine. I even have find out how to modify already existing objects via the Rancher UI “View in API” options by copy the HTTP Request to my script. But how can I create new Objects like a Rancher Catalog App via the Rancher API?

Thanks in advance for your help.


If you are using Ansible, you can use thier rancher API to deploy applications from a repository / artefacts library for you .

Google " Ansible Rancher module "

Have you seen an example how to deploy an Rancher Catalog APP with Ansible? (For Rancher v2.2.2)
I didn’t found it ab to now. A solution via Terraform would be also fine for my case.

Just use Helm, that’s all Rancher catalog items are. You can call helm upgrade … —install from a simple bash script in your deployment pipeline. No need to over complicate things with loads of other tool chain that you have to learn and maintain (KISS).