How to install and configure SES with Ceph

Dear friends!

I am interested in testing SUSE’s Software Defined Storage solution based on Ceph but I don’t know much about the solution.
Does anyone know if there is any practical laboratory on Ceph where I can simulate the installation and configuration of Ceph?

Hi, you can get the 60-day-trial version and give it a shot. But you also need to know that the storage efforts have been refocused ( Anyway, to get a starting point with Ceph it’s a helpful approach.
Have fun!

I installed an environment with virtual machines using the 60 day licenses to test how Suse Ceph works.
I installed 4 VMs with SLES 15SP3 and chose 4 VMs to be the storage OSDs. In these 4 VMs I installed SES 7, I installed and configured Ceph Salt, Master Salt and Minion Salt, however, I am not able to configure the Cluster in Salt Master.
I suspect the Salt Master cannot recognize the Minions due to some configuration. I created the /etc/salt/minion.d/master.conf file on all Minions and added the following line to all of them:

master: host_name_of_salt_master

But even so the Salt Master can’t see them.
Can you tell if I need to do any other settings? Could it be Firewall?
I’m stopped at this step. :frowning:

First, SES 7 comes with SLES 15 SP2, not SP3. Not sure if this would cause any troubles, but it might when you want to register them for the SES add-on.
Second, all minions need to be able to resolve the Salt-Master’s hostname. Did you verify that? A working DNS is helpful, but a complete and correct /etc/hosts file is enough in a lab. If you don’t want to or can’t disable the firewall the docs tell you which ports to open in order for salt to work.