How to install KDE on SLES 12.1 ?


I have installed SLES 12.1 on a Server.
Now i have a problem to choose a graphical environment. The standard is GNOME, but I want[COLOR="#FF0000"] KDE[/COLOR].
I’ve installed KDE-packages and set the DISPLAYMANAGER to KDM4 and DEFAULT WINDOW MANAGER to KDE4.
But I’m still at GNOME and can’t choose the KDE Pattern on the Softwaremanager in YaST2.

Have someone an idea how to change it to KDE ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

From where did you find the KDE packages in the first place?

I’m 99% sure you should not be doing this. KDE was pulled from SLE 12,
but if you want to use it on very similar code you could check out
openSUSE 42.1 (Leap) which is based on the SLE 12 SP1 codebase, though the
obvious caveat there is that it is not SUSE Linux Enterprise so support is
very different, both from the vendor (openSUSE, not SUSE) and likely with
third parties.

Good luck.

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