How to install Rancher Monitoring via script after installed Rancher?

Hi all! Help me please.
I need to automate install Rancher Monitoring with script or yaml file after installed Rancher.
I need to do this automatically during installation Rancher , how i need to do?

Hi @Yevhenii_Orlov how do you install rancher today? If you use terraform there is a way to enable monitoring via TF. If you install on a k3s or rke2 cluster, you can add the charts in the manifests folder.

@aemneina, hi, thanks for response! Today we installed Rancher with Ansible as docker container with docker run, and configure some features with API. We installed monitoring with GUI and with default parameters. We need to find solution to automate this.
"You can add the charts in the manifests folder", could you tell me more about this?