Rancher prometheus stack customisation

I am new to this forum. Greetings to all.
We have a bunch of k8s-cluster. Each holding a monitoring stack. The idea using the rancher-monitoring-stack looks great. But I wonder, can I automate this? How to deploy custom scrape-configs etc. into the cattle-monitoring-system? Editing and applying helm-values fails for some template errors. Which plain-helm is not aware of. I could edit and replace the corresponding k8s-secret and hope the prometheus operator will get it right. But this looks like a an evil hack. Editing the huge yaml file in the rancher-UI feels utterly wrong. Is there a way interacting with the monitoring stack from the plain command line?

Maybe it is all there and I am too blind to see it.


sorry for the noise. It looks like with terraform-rancher2-provider and resource: rancher2_app_v2 everything is there. The provider is quite new and I missed the update.