How to install RancherOS.?

I’m trying to install RancherOS on a VM and a bare metal server, sorry if these questions have already been answered already I’ve been threw the whole forum and still cant figure it out.

All you have to do is put your public ssh-rsa key in the cloud-config.yml file and enter the command
’sudo rancheros-install -f -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda’ right?

The thing I’m struggling with is where is the cloud-config.yml file stored at, and if the file needs to be created how do I create it and where do I save it. Also in order to enter my ssh-rsa public info into the cloud-config file I’m going to need a text editor, do I need to pull a contanerized text editor to edit/create the cloud-config file?

Sorry to bother you guys with such petty details but I tried to figure it out and so far have failed and the documentation is sparse at best. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appropriated. Im very much looking forward to the possibilities that can be utilizes with Rancher/RancherOS/RancherVM.

Thanks in advance!

You create the cloud-config.yml in RancherOS. It could really be located anywhere, but basically the command needs to be able to access it.

Typically, how I get my ssh-rsa public key into RancherOS has been to use scp -r username@ip:~/.ssh/ ./ to get it save into my RancherOS system. Then I edit the file to be in cloud-config format and rename to cloud-config.yml before running the rancheros-install command.



Thanks for the help Denise!!