[Solved] Installing RancherOS to Disk: how to transfer public key to KVM guest

I want to install RancherOS in KVM guest.
Therefore I boot from ISO and execute

sudo ros install -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda

The question is:
How do I transfer the public SSH key(s) to the guest in order to pass it in cloud-config.yml?

Without public SSH key I cannot logon after RancherOS is installed on disk.


The way I did it was to prepare my cloud-config.yml with the public key included on my personal machine.

Once booted from the ISO I then scp'd (you can sftp too) back to my machine and copied the cloud-config.yml file into RancherOS so that I could use it to do the install.

This works only if you add a network configuration to the image:

sudo ip addr add dev eth0
sudo route add default gw

can you provide your cloud-config

This issue is solved by creating an interface.
After this I can transfer my cloud-config.yml to the guest and start installation on disk.
I managed to deploy & launch container “Rancher” and now next challenges are ahead…