How to install zlib package?

Dear all,

In our research center we recently switched from Debian/Ubuntu to SLES 12. As I am new in SUSE, can someone please help me how to install “zlib” and “zlib-devel” in SLES?

Thanks in advance,

I assume it is installed by default, but perhaps you think it is not and
you can tell us why you believe that.

To search for available packages from whatever repository, use zypper:

zypper search zlib

Note that ‘se’ is an alias for ‘search’, so ‘zypper se zlib’ works too and
is often used by admins.

To install something that you’ve found, use the following:

zypper install package-name-here

Again, note that ‘in’ is often used as an alias/shortcut for ‘install’, so
the following would work on my box installing zlib (were it not already

zypper in zlib

Also, as a matter of practice, it may be useful to share your SLES
version, Service Pack (SP), etc.

Good luck.

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