How to integrate docker-volume-netshare with rancheros?

I am stuck with finding out how to provide cifs share access to docker containers.
I’d like to have a single docker image that is responsible to mount the cifs shares and provide access for the other containers.

During my researches i came across different solutions, but it appeares that all(?!) depend on cifs shares are beeing mounted in the host os. Especially so0k/mount.cifs_copy looked nice, but seem to rely on a host share.

Then i came accros this docker volume plugin:

Did anyone use it on rancher os and might provide help? Or takeld the cifs mount problem without beeing forced to mount the shares in the host os?


Update: I just realized that it needs to be installed or build on the host os and seem to use host ressources… guess I have to wait until it becomes available as an option in the catalogue

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