Multi host shared docker images / volumes

I plan a multi host environment. Shared docker volumes should be easy with convoy nfs.

Is it possible to store docker images to nfs shared mount between RancherOS hosts?
Maybe also a nfs storage for local volumes to reduce the local disk storage.

I’m wondering the same thing also.

While this doesn’t answer your question, note that Convoy NFS has been deprecated in favor of Rancher NFS as of Rancher 1.2.0. See Rancher Release - v1.2.0

  • Cattle now support volume plugins for NFS. Please be aware that going forward in 1.2, RancherNFS will now be the supported NFS Docker plugin solution. Convoy-NFS will no longer be available as an option in 1.2, and will no longer be supported in 1.3+
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The last time I looked, the Docker engine didn’t really like using non-local storage for images and containers - the fact that it uses unionfs technologies to make its layer cake means local disk is important.

but this could be out of date :slight_smile:


@Stefan_Lasiewski, @SvenDowideit
Thanks for your replies! I’ll do some tests with Rancher 1.2 / RancherNFS soon.

I’ll work with local images and NFS volumes.