How to lengthen retention of events of current Cluster?

In the Rancher Dashboard there is a “Events of current Cluster” section

I saw that they disappear after a few hours

Is it possible to lengthen the conservation of these events?

This is a Kubernetes configuration and the setting and the design considerations are in

Thank you
I understand that i must configure the ttl of events as i wish by
setting the flag --event-ttl duration Amount of time to retain events. (default 1h0m0s) of kube-apiserver

how do I set that flag on Rancher?

This is described on

I don’t understand the guide
I searched for the event-ttl property in the full cluster yml example, without finding it

The guide says to add properties in the extra_args section

So I modified the cluster yaml, adding the property like this:

event-ttl: 72h

Now the cluster is in error:

[etcd] Failed to bring up Etcd Plane: etcd cluster is unhealthy

Also, I should set this flag in kube-apiserver, but the guide only talks about extra-args

in the “full cluster yml example” there is extra_args under kube-api
------event-ttl: “72h0m0s”

Note: the hyphens are just for indentation

Works perfectly for rke1, but i cannot get it to work for rke2. It just disappears from the cluster yaml after saving:

defaultPodSecurityPolicyTemplateName: “”
kubernetesVersion: v1.23.6+rke2r2
localClusterAuthEndpoint: {}
rke2-calico: {}
event-ttl: 96h0m0s