How to make changes to fluent.conf from Rancher UI

I want to make the changes to fluent.conf file from Rancher UI. But right now from UI its not possible to make the changes. So I have to login to the node where fluentd is running and manually I am making the changes in the path /var/lib/rancher/fluentd/etc/config/custom/project/fluent.conf
Also on my rancher cluster there are total 8 fluentd instances are running on different nodes. So I have to copy the fluent.conf file to each of the nodes.
As I am beginner to rancher, please suggest is there any mechanism to make the changes from the UI. If not available could you suggest any workaround to achieve some level of automation. Rancher version I’m using 2.3.2

did you solve your problem and is fluentd sendig datas to your target server?
Greetings from germany