Rancher - Fluentd - add volume points

Hello Everyone,

I’ve got some Rancher clusters and I currently set up logging to elasticsearch;
I’ve got a major issue, the docker rootdir has been changed to /data/docker, so the fluentd workload cannot read logs !

I try to edit the workload and change volume path mounts, but when rancher logging container is redeployed, configurations has been lost.

Do you have any idea how to add / change volume point on this rancher-logging-fluentd workload ?

Thanks so much,


For details :
Rancher v2.3.5
Fluentd 0.1.19

So just need to add the docker dirroot path to the workload rancher-logging-fluentd.
I edit the workload,
Volume Name = dockerroot
Path on the Node = /data/docker
Mount Point = /var/lib/docker

But has no effect on container.

I resolved my issue.
I had a node with a disk pressure in my cluster.
So when I edit the workload fluent, i didn’t update it !

I’ve added a new mount point on the fluent container.

So I resolved all issues on the cluster, and now it works fine.