How to mount disk in recovery mode

I have a RancherOS VM that has been working fine for a few months. Today, I noticed that the host was disconnected in the Rancher UI, so I rebooted it. When it booted, I saw that the problem was actually that there was no space left on the disk. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to boot into the system to clear out the disk space. I tried booting into the recovery console, but I don’t see the device sda in /dev, so I can’t mount it.

Is there an easy way to mount the disk so I can clear up some space, or should I just re-deploy it with a bigger disk? The disk was 20GB.

You could use the iso to boot up the vm and mount your disk to free up some space.

I tried to boot up from the RancherOS ISO image, but it appears to check if there is a boot-able drive, and if so, it boots from the disk. I had to boot from an Ubuntu ISO, and then mount the partition.

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+1. Couldn’t find a way to mount partition within recovery console. Even attempting to start a container in system-docker doesn’t seem to make /dev/sda* visible…