How to move an app between projects in Rancher?

I’ve created an app with an Helm chart in the Test project creating a namespace for this helm chart.
Afterwards I moved the namespace into another project (Services).
Now I have this situation:

The app is in the project Test and the namespace in the project Services .
The app seems to have 0 containers because they are in the Services project.
How can I move the app from the project Test to to project Services ?
Is it possible?

Thank you very much


The only thing I know for certain is that Projects are 100% a Rancher thing and aren’t really something known about in Kubernetes. So moving things between projects in Rancher will need to be done through the Rancher UI, Rancher CLI, Rancher API calls or whatnot and if anything can be done with the standard Kubernetes tools (like kubectl) then it’d be editing annotations, labels, or other things that are just generic metadata from a strict Kubernetes stance.

Although projects are how Rancher does permission grouping, so there might be more messy bits in there too, so poking around everywhere in the Rancher UI is probably your safest thing to try (might need to move back to old namespace first to see it, though).