How to move LVM disks & configuration to a new server?

I have a SLES11 SP2 server with an LVM configuration that needs to have its LVM configuration moved to another server.

I haven’t found anything in the docs yet, can someone please point me to the correct doc (if it’s in there) or let me know how you’d proceed?

I have a basic LVM configuration where an VG “VolGrp1” has only one LV “LogVol1”. The volume group is comprised of a few SAN disks that are presented to a SLES11SP2 VMware VM server. These disk are Raw Device Mappings (RDM) added to the server. Once I know how to proceed, I would simply remove the disks from SLES11SP2 server #1 and add them to server #2.


I made the mistake of thinking that since the SLES11 document “stor_admin.pdf” had some instructions on LVM, that SuSE might have included the steps to move LVM data to another system.

It was quite easy using the LVM docs I found:

  1. Here’s an old but very good whitepaper from SuSE titled “The Logical Volume Manager (LVM)” to help understand LVM:
    Or this URL to same document:

  2. This URL covered the steps to take: