How to permanently bind secondary ip address to bridge nic

Hi all,

I have a SLES11SP1 Xen Host with 3 VMs. 2 VMs are SLES11SP1 and 1 is a Netware 6.5 SP8 Server.

With NetWare it was easy to bind a secondary IP address. With a normal network interface thats no problem with SLES11SP1 too.
But on a Xen Bridge there is no option to do that permanently.
It’s no problem to do that with: ifconfig br0:0 “IP-adress” up
But after a reboot this has to be done again because it’s not persistent.

So how can I bind a secondary ip address to the bridge nic permanently on SLES11SP1?

I hope that somebody can help me.




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I take it that you cannot do this via YaST - have you tried changing the bridge’s config file manually?