How to remove repo from SMT server that isn't listed

I used to mirror SLED11 updates on our SMT server but SLED was dropped from the SLA bundle we buy, so they are no longer available. Having changed my workstation to Opensuse, I now want to remove the SLED repo from the SMT server, however SLED doesn’t appear as a mirrored product anymore in the Yast2 smt module. SMT is still trying to mirror it however:

[QUOTE]WARNING: The following repositories cannot be mirrored.
Maybe you have not enough permissions to download these repositories?

  • SLED11-SP3-Updates sle-11-x86_64

Does anyone know of a way to remove a repo when it’s not listed in the smt gui?


if you issue smt-repos -o do you see this repo listed?

if yes try to remove it by using

smt-repos -d


Yes, it showed up with the smt-repos -o command & I’ve now disabled it.
Thanks very much Michael.