How to restart sshd in Rancheros

I’m using RancherOS on top of a Digital ocean droplet. This was an auto created node from Rancher 2.0.
The problem is I can’t ssh in to this instance. However DO cloud console is working fine with this. However it is really annoying when copy paste and the keyboard layout is getting heavily changed so I cant manually copy paste my public key or edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config successfully. Even after I edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config can I restart sshd? is it a process runs on ROS or is it another container?

You can SSH into the droplet following these instructions:

Username is rancher or docker.

You can add your keys to authorized_keys if you have to, this does not require a restart.

Try: system-docker restart console

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I want to add that YOU NEED to restart console to activate the new keys.
It’s under 1.4.2 and I just tried it by adding my krypton keys and console had to be restarted. If not there were not activated!