How to search or install the mozilla plug of VLC on SLES 11?

Hello all!

Could anyone have the problem for using the VLC in Mozilla browser on Suse linux Enterprise 11?

Now I install the VLC on the Suse linux Enterprise 11 sp3.
I Install the VLC using command line:
sudo zypper ar VLC
sudo zypper mr -r VLC
sudo zypper in vlc

Then I can play the rtsp stream file use the VLC.
Now I want to play the same rtsp stream file on the firefox using the following html file.

Demo of VLC mozilla plugin

Demo of Firefox VLC Plugin

But there have a message that a plugin is needed to display the content. Press install the plugin and later there display no suitable plugins were found. Unknown plugin(application\x-vlc-plugin) need manually install.
Then I following the document how to install the mozilla plugin on Debian on command line:
sudo zypper install mozilla-plugin-vlc

But the result that there could not find mozilla-plugin-vlc. And then I try to the following command line:
sudo zypper install vlc browser-plugin-vlc
And it same that there could not find browser-plugin-vlc.

Where can I find the mozilla-plugin-vlc or browser-plugin-vlc of SLES 11? Or I can use the same plugin of Debin or Ubuntu?

Thank you very much!

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