How to SSH into EKS cluster

I created an EKS cluster using rancher. Everything spun up fine and I’d like to download the SSH key that rancher created for my nodes. When I go to the Nodes tab and click on a node, I don’t see an option to download the keys. I saw in another support forum that I should see this option here, what am I missing?

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Hello Stephen … did you find a solution? i have the same problem.

I hope this helps everyone reading this.

Problem: Unknown Hang between SSH connections.

Resolution: If created by Default during template creation in EKS, it must
If you look at the inbound rules, it seems that there is no problem, of course, as it is set as a whole.
This is a trap…
We need to set “Anywhere” in the “source” part of the inbound rule.

The default user between SSH connections is ec2-user.

ssh user —> ec2-user
Solved ----------> Modify the “source” part of the security group network inbound rule