How to submit a workload with a bind mounted volume with mount propagation?

I need to submit workflows thru the API and one container needs to basically do the equivalent of this docker run command option:

–mount type=bind,source=/some/dir,dst=/host,bind-propagation=rshared

Can’t figure out the keys/values needed for this API call.

Mount propagation is only marked stable in 1.12 and not in the UI (or API, I think) yet…

I was able to use this parameter in a rancher 1.11.3 cluster:

“mountPropagation”: “Bidirectional” which is the docker equivalent of rshared.

Seems to be working so far. This enables me to mount volumes into the bare metal filesystem from inside a container. This is a temporary container only used to provision storage and make it available to the bare-metal filesystem so no I/O is going to this mount point thru the container.

I’ll update here later if I find any issues, but so far it’s working as desired.