Rancher 2.4.8 - How to share fuse mount between containers?

Hello all,

i’m loosing my hairs to try to figure out how to be able to share a fuse mount in a container to another.
Actually in conainer 1, fuse mount is working on /data (/data is binf to host on /docker-volumes/data)
But when navigating on host and list the /docker-volumes/data is see nothing…

I have tweak the docker service unit file and ad the MountShared=true.
I have try to upgrade cluster with feature-gates: “MountPropagation=true” without success

I really on’t know how to do…

Thankgs for any help or tips

Tried also this code on cluster yaml, this crash the cluster…

  always_pull_images: false
  pod_security_policy: false
  service_node_port_range: 30000-32767
    feature-gates: 'MountPropagation=true'
    feature-gates: 'MountPropagation=true'
    - '/dev/fuse:/dev/fuse'
  fail_swap_on: false
  generate_serving_certificate: false
  feature-gates: "MountPropagation=true"

tried to add this plugin but don’t know how to use:

kubectl create -f https://github.com/kuberenetes-learning-group/fuse-device-plugin/blob/master/fuse-device-plugin-k8s-1.16.yml

Hello, finally found myself after 1 week of research, it’s so simple as ad a volume and add :shared on mount path

example bind mount:
path on the node : /data/docker-volumes/fusemount
mount point : /fusemount:shared

No need extra plugins or anything else…