How to use Longhorn with NFS?

Hi all,
I setup k8s internal cluster by k3s. I have QNAP device as NFS server, used as storage for PVC data.
I’m using NFS CSI driver for Kubernetes .
I read Longhorn documentation but I haven’t found the answer yet.
I attempt to install Longhorn by Helm
How many ways are there to configure Longhorn to use NFS server as a data storage location?
Is the following way correct?

  • mount /var/lib/longhorn/ on each k8s node with shared folder on NFS server
  • Longhorn will automatically use /var/lib/longhorn/ on each k8s node?
    What should I configure in values.yaml or will it all be configured on the web ui?
    Is there any other way?
    Please give me some advice, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, you can not use NFS as a data storage location because NFS is not supported the system call FIEMAP.