Trying to create and use some RWX storage


I have some questions about as well as the Longhorn UI which I’ve only setup recently. Before I get into these questions, I’ll describe my footprint:

  • k3s with 1 master and 3 workers
  • 2 of the workers have a 2T disk mounted on /data
  • 01-security.yaml applied as per documentation linked above
  • 02-longhorn-nfs-provisioner.yaml applied as per documentation linked above

In the Lonhorn UI, I’ve added the mounted disk to each of the 2 nodes described above. (BTW, the wording here should probably be changed as we’re not actually added a disk as much as we’re referring to a mount). I’ve also added a tag of ‘data’ to each of these “disks” in the hopes of using those tags intelligently.

Here’s where I’m stuck. There’s really no documentation that I’m aware of which lays out what to do next? Intuitively, I’d like to create a storageclass based on the disks I’ve tagged. However, the UI seems to want me to create a “volume”. I can do this based on the tag I’ve added but the idea of attaching them is not documented anywhere. Why would I want this storage specifically attached to a single node? I don’t think I do.

Maybe I shouldn’t be relying on the UI by itself in order to proceed? Maybe I should modify 02-longhorn-nfs-provisioner.yaml and apply it? I would just really like to read some documentation that is based around added diskspace rather than everything I’ve come across which is based on existing storage on the node.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.