HowTo configure helm cli with Rancher2.0

Browsing thoroughly the rancher cli UX I could understand in order to set up my kubernetes environment, I need to do:

rancher cluster kf CLUSTER > ~/.kube/config

So far so good.

Preliminary question: Am I supposed to be able to use helm cli with Rancher2.0?

Question 1:

Am I better off using the rancher2.0 embeded (enhanced) helm/tiller or is it just fine to hit helm init?

Question 2: (still lacking of some conceptualization)

To which namespace am I supposed to deploy in case of helm init? kube-system, kube-public or even cattle-system?


@blaggacao, did you get anywhere on this? I have hung catalog apps and would like to see if I could use the helm cli to clean things up; however, I’ve had no success in installing/configuring it.

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