Setting up Kubernetes CLI

Greetings All,

I am exploring RancherOS and like to do many things from the CLI.

With that in mind and I wondering if there are some instructions on installing the Kubernetes environment that I might be able to follow along with to see if I can get it to work?


Are you looking to just put kubectl (Kubernetes CLI) on a RancherOS host? Or are you looking to deploy all of Kubernetes?


Actually, both. I had played around with CoreOS with Kubernetes, on a very small scale, and it seems to allow you to install kubectl as well as setting up some worker nodes to run pods.

I like a number of things about RancherOS and did remember seeing in the Rancher Server that you could set up a kubernetes environment from there. I was basically wondering how the same thing could be achieved from CLI.

Part of my exploration and evaluation is to see if everything that is achievable from the Rancher Server can also be done on the CLI and I suspect that if should be doable since from what I understand, the Rancher Server mostly calls the RancherOS API for its functionality.

I’m just not sure how to do some of this from the CLI and the documentation does not really go into it heavily, but I could be wrong here.


Rancher and RancherOS are actually separate products and neither has any dependency on the other. If you’re looking to deploy Kubernetes I recommend using Rancher.

kubectl is just a Go binary so that can be downloaded into the console or build into a standalone Docker image.