Howto rebuild the nginx-ingress-controller in system project in rancher cluster

I deploy the rancher 2.5.11 with the single-node(docker run --) way. However there are a node failed to run nginx-ingress-controller daemon pod due to 80 port is used , I try to find which application is used the port, but don’t find out. so I delete the all the nginx-ingress-controller pod in namespace of ingress-nginx. later I am regret that IO don’t restore nginx-ingress-controller in rancher system project. I know that nginx-ingress is add-one plugin in rancher. how can i rebuild the nginx-ingress-controller in racher, I am gratitude that some one can give me suggestions, I don’t want to delete the cluster and then recreat it. I create loadbalance in rancher , the error is: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook “”: Post “https://ingress-nginx-controller-admission.ingress-nginx.svc:443/networking/v1beta1/ingresses?timeout=10s”: service “ingress-nginx-controller-admission” not found

rancher 2.5.11 how-to recreate the nginx-ingress, are there the nginx-ingress yaml file ?

If you set up a new cluster you can use kubectl describe to get YAML for what’s on the new cluster if that’s helpful.