Https for webapp deploys fail out of the box

it seems sad that the more cumbersome kubeadm slots perfectly into GitLab and lets encrypt add-on – but nothing seems to work for face melting fast k3s install (which I covet as an admin).

what am I missing?

ok, looks like there’s a fair amount of issues to work though - but I was determined to, since I’m really liking k3s and ditching kubeadm

here’s my fresh out of the box way I’m making things work now:


  • traffic out of the box wont work with its lets encrypt - so defer installing it and install it after with helm and your email addy, etc.
  • GitLab Auto DevOps CI/CD out of the box fails get https working. They use helm internally to deploy, which expects nginx not traefik. So I change the annotation, and drop a nonexistent tls secret reference that traefik doesn’t like (normally made by certamanager integration with GitLab).
  • personally, the newer GitLab choice for “namespace per branch” was driving me nuts. So I included and code to instead to deploy all repos to saner names and to default kubernetes namespace. you could tailor / drop that part if you like

In the future, I’ll be merging the branch the top link refers to. If it’s dead and you read this, substitute blob/master/ for boo/k3s/ in the link :wink: