HVM vs Paravirtual Rancher AMI on AWS

Am looking to set up a Rancher prototype on our AWS account. I notice there are two options given on the GitHub README for AMI selection: HVM or Paravirtual.

There’s no specific recommendation for choosing one over the other in the README, and Paravirtual is mentioned first.

AWS suggests:

For the best performance, we recommend that you use current generation instance types and HVM AMIs when you launch your instances. For more information about current generation instance types, see the Amazon EC2 Instances detail page. If you are using previous generation instance types and would like to upgrade, see Upgrade Paths.
Linux AMI virtualization types - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Would I be right to assume that the HVM AMI is the best choice for a greenfield deployment? Or is there something specific to Rancher that would make me want to consider Paravirtual?

I’d suggest using HVM as this looks to be the VM technology AWS is migrating to.

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