I don't understand GlusterFS


I think I don’t understand GlusterFS. I installed from it from catalog, and now I have 12 containers (3 server, 3 daemon, 3 data and 3 volume create)

But… why 3 nodes on same host? if host is down, all are down obviously. GlusterFS doesn’t need 2 or more host for distributed storage system?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure to understand for me Node = Host = Server (Virtual or not). You need 3 node for GlusterFs.

I understand your 3 node (node, host, server). But glusterfs generates 12, 3xnode, 3xhost and 3xserver. All are in same machine, so that’s my question. This aren’t distributed storage system because all are on same machine.

The GlusterFs available in the catalog will create 3 GlusterFs server on 3 distinct node. But each GlusterFs server is composed of 4 containers.