Glusterfs in RancherOS -- What is a normal setup?

I’m fairly new to all of this container stuff and I guess I don’t understand some fundamental concepts.

If I create a few glusterfs servers should I install the client on my RancherOS host? Is that possible if I use the Ubuntu console? Will the client be removed when I eventually update RancherOS? I know the volume is destroyed if I switch consoles. Or should the client be installed in my WordPress container? If it should be installed to my WordPress container, how do I backup my data? I tried to create a volume from host to glusterfs client. And the files I created from my host didn’t sync. As you can see I have a huge gap in my knowledge of glusterfs, please help me fill it :slight_smile: .


GlusterFS servers need to be located on main hosts (which one/many provide volume(-s)), then in rancher OS inside docker install Convoy-Agent (example files located bottom). After that in docker images used for critical data, use convoy-glusterfs driver to store and sync data from it.

And the example (working right now on my cattle cloud): (rancher-compose.yml) (docker-compose.yml)

How are you able to install GlusterFS on RancherOS? Do you have to use one of the other consoles like Ubuntu?