IBM Power Systems formatted XFS snapshot volume to X64?

Currently running SAPA HANA on SLES 12 SP4 using XFS. The application is hosted on IBM Power 980, and the storage is sitting in a IBM Flashsystem 9100. File system is XFS.

My client has this requirement to perform a backup on the HANA database (20TB) that requires with very challenging RPO (< 2Hours), as such we are leveraging in snapshot based protection instead of backint, and leverage on off host to backup using a backup proxy server. The backup application will perform a snapshot from the storage array and mount to the proxy host, and backup the database as files.

My question here is whether the snapshot LUN, which had been formatted as XFS on a IBM power systems, can be mounted on a Intel X64 instead of Power series? OS is also build will be SLES 12 SP4.

Will there be any problem with this setup?

[{“insert”:"Yes, you “},{“attributes”:{“bold”:true},“insert”:“should”},{“insert”:” be able to mount the LUN across architectures. The functionality is specific to the filesystem, not the architecture.
That said, I’ve not done it.
Remember to freeze the filesystem before the snapshot

[{“insert”:"I was tested this same architecture ibm power to ibm power system With Ibm A9000R flash storage, I think this will work ibm to x86 also.