If Rancher goes down, will k8s be affected?


  • use an environment based on k8s from Rancher
  • deploy an app in k8s, that excercises most k8s functions (load balancing, replication, etc.)
  • app works fine, then Rancher goes down (1)

(1) “Rancher goes down” can mean many things… just the rancher server container dies, the agent, or all rancher-specific containers die


  • will the app continue to run?
  • can k8s continue to be manageable via kubectl independently of rancher being available?
  • if rancher server (or whatever died) gets restarted, will it be able to continue managing k8s just as before rancher died?

Thank you,

Yes, the app will continue to run and k8s can continue to be managed, but no new pods can be created as Rancher runs the networking.

If the rancher server gets restarted, it will be able to continue managing k8s as before. In this case, you would still be able to create new pods.