Rancher Host Restart when Rancher Server is down


I’d like to know if the following scenario makes sense.

I instantiated a Rancher Server in order to deploy an environment with several stacks on a set of hosts. Once the deployment is done, I switch off the Rancher Server.
Connecting to the various hosts, I verified all the expected stacks were still working properly. It is the case.

Then I decided to reboot one of the host. I wanted to verify if the containers and thus services deployed on this host would still work after reboot.

It is not… Is there a way to make the services deployed restarting after host reboot, without the need of the Rancher Server to be up ?

No; the restart policy is managed by the server and not passed down to Docker, because of things like that container may have been already replaced with a new instance on another host and should not exist at all anymore.

Having the server intentionally not running is not a “supported” mode of operation. What’s running on the hosts continues running until something else goes wrong; killing a host is a “something else”.