Import EKS Cluster with same name and same region but in different AWS accounts

Hi ! My goal is to set up a Global Rancher in my company, to have every cluster that we created in a single Rancher.
Today we have multiple Rancher in different AWS Account that manage one or two clusters. So we don’t have a clear view of every Cluster in a single web page.

I started to set up the Global Rancher but when I import my different Cluster I have 2 clusters with the same name in the same region but in different AWS accounts, so actually it’s impossible to import the second cluster, the API return this explicit error: cluster already exists for EKS cluster [XXXXX] in region [us-east-1].

If I can avoid to rebuild the Cluster from scratch to just change the name, it can be great :smile:

Don’t know if it’s a known issue, or if it’s plan to be resolved. I already made some search on the forums but seems that no one encounter this issue.