Import RKE v1.3.7 cluster into Rancher v2.6.6

Dear Team,\

Can someone help here, I have RKE cluster setup that running and when we try to import existing cluster from RKE v1.3.7 to Rancher v2.6.6 getting “Pending” status without any additional information on the dashboard.

Also in the cattle-system there are two pods are with “ContainerCreating” status and when did describe found that “Pod sandbox changed. it will be killed and re-created” and there are one more WARNING found which says that "networkPlugin cni failed to setup po “cattle-cluster-agent-xxxx”.

But during RKE cluster creation “canal” is the network taken as a default one and not sure why the CNI network error is pops up here.

Even checked in kube-system’s pod where I see there are two canal pods are running …

Appreciate your help here.