Add cluster failed due to cattle-cluster-agent error


I have a running RKE K8s cluster (local) with a single node.
I want to provision a new k8s cluster via GUI.
I setup 3 nodes (ubuntu 20.04) and tried to build a cluster.


Failed to create pod sandbox: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to set up sandbox container “77270689eede6e9dd760cfd3bcbd656b7f83c4644e40ffdf80ee95b1441edc11” network for pod “cattle-cluster-agent-5569cfb9-mc5zs”: networkPlugin cni failed to set up pod “cattle-cluster-agent-5569cfb9-mc5zs_cattle-system” network: stat /var/lib/calico/nodename: no such file or directory: check that the calico/node container is running and has mounted /var/lib/calico/

Now the container creation of cattle-cluster-agent is looping…

Any clue?


I was running a pre-installed kubelet/kubeadm version which I needed to remove. After that it worked like a charm.