Imported k3s Cluster remains in “Pending” state II

Similar to this question: Imported k3s Cluster remains in “Pending” state

The issue:

This cluster is currently Pending; areas that interact directly with it will not be available until the API is ready.

This is the message that always appears after importing the k3s Cluster and it never disappears. The Cluster remains in pending state, all the time, no matter how much time passes. Which of course means, I cannot manage the cluster and it doesn’t even appear in the Rancher GUI, except this message and the cluster’s name.

I have the same issue, but not the exact same setup.

I have:
a. 1 rancher server node. (single node)
Port not default 443 - but another port.

One k3s cluster, with 3 master nodes (CP, etcd, Agent)

k3s is installed with k3sup, and everything looks fine.

Not sure what to do?