Import Cluster - Pending status for long time

Dear Team,

The Imported cluster is in Pending status for more than 1 weeks and it says that pending areas that interact directly with it will not be available until the APIs is ready…

Can someone help here what are the things that need to be concidered on this scenario…

Checked on Master node and there is API running in docker container and sometime I see

Get url:/apis/,user-agent:kube-scheduler/v1.22.6 xxxxx with no error found

after few seconds after

loading OpenAPI spec for failed with: failed to retrieve openAPI spec, http error: ResponseCode: 503, Body: service unavailble…

but the kube-system metric-server-randomchar PO up and RUNNING status.

Also checked in master node mertics container using docker logs containerID and didn’t see any error…

this rancher is really hard to handle as there is no much support …

Pls advise.


Self supporting is hard all around.
Without much detail it’s hard to understand your setup. For a issue like this…blocked ports, bad certs, or a misconfigured command may be the culprit. Dig into the health of the imported cluster, look at the rancher logs, get the imported cluster logs…it just takes a bit of digging to find the problem.
No need to wait a week, btw…the import takes minutes.

Dear Johnpugh,

Thanks a ton for your input. Sure I will dig in more on this… especially rancher log i.e., rancher/rancher:v2.6.6 log.


Hi Bala,

Did you end up solving the issue? I am stuck with exact same issue you described above. Any insight on how you solved this?