Improve Lab speed in Chrome

The lab is working for me but it takes roughly 10-20 seconds to execute just a single click or command. Is there a way to increase its performance?

Unfortunately, no.

Hey I also have question, maybe there is another option to connect lab without using chrome? Because it’s really hard to complete 1 lab which should take about 1 minute, and takes 8-10 because in example terminal shows on screen, but nothing is loading in terminal window and is empty for 5-6 minutes… I’m working on this kind of remote desktops and never seen something like that.

Chrome is your best option. However, FireFox is known to work.

i cannot do the lab. the speed is so low. Please Suse improve the speed. 1 klick takes 6 sek…

There was an issue earlier, but it has since been resolved. Please try the lab again.

Hey, after this issue should be fixed as You say I tried do some labs and… 1 click action takes from 8-20 seconds… it isn’t possible to complete basic task lab, I tried to do some more complicated lab and time to complete few actions is around 10 + minutes. I installed opensuse to make some labs on my private laptop because on chrome lab this is really annoying and takes so so so so so much time.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. I will open another ticket with our lab vendor