Inaccessibility of Rancher Dashboard After Upgrading to Version 2.7.5 on EKS Cluster - ALB Ingress Issue

I upgraded Rancher from version 2.7.4 to version 2.7.5 on my EKS cluster (v1.24), using my own certificate from ACM. After the upgrade, everything, including ingress and pods, appears to be functioning normally. However, I encountered an issue with the dashboard, as it is not reachable and displays only an empty page. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas or if this might be a bug that needs to be addressed ?

values.yml :

  extraAnnotations: <ACM-ARN> '[{"HTTP": 80}, {"HTTPS": 443}]' internet-facing <my-subnet-ids> 200,404,301,302 alb
replicas: 3
tls: external

I tried it also with nginx-ingress and it is working. Probably there is a bug related to alb ingress.