Install nginx-ingress for EKS behind ALB

I deployed my rancher 2.4.12 using the docker install. Not RKE. And my clusters were created by Rancher in AWS EKS. In this configuration, nginx-ingress was not installed. I have tried several different methods for installing nginx-ingress but with poor results. My health checks on ALB Target groups fail. I am terminating SSL on the ALB. Is there a yaml file that I could use with kubectl apply, that will install the latest version of ingress? And configure it not to use SSL. And except traffic from my load balancer?

Anyone? @vincent @superseb

I found my answer here:

Accept I changed the from elb to alb.

Thank you for your information.
It is very helpful for me.

I discovered that it does not work with an ALB. Only ELB and NLB. Also it does not work with an existing load balancer, but creates one instead. There does not seem to be a way to do this with an existing Load Balancer. Funny thing is, I actually had it working at one point, maybe 6 months ago. But I was using a different version of rancher then.