Ingress and Service Exist: getting default backend - 404

Trying a basic install of jenkins via helm. The values.yaml are this:

  servicePort: 80
  targetPort: 8080
    enabled: true nginx
    ingressClassName: nginx
  testEnabled: false

There is a service created “jenkinstest” in the jenkins pod with an IP and port on 8080 and an ingress created that points the hostname url to the service: > jenkinstest

I have other setups like this that work fine. I can go the node the service is running on and wget and see that jenkins is up.

What am I missing?


cluster setup:
rancher 2.5.9
RKE: v1.2.11

Hi, did you resolve this? I face the same issue.

I never did. We have decided to abandon Jenkins in favor of using Github actions. More flexible, integrated right within each repo, etc. Good luck.