Ingress why wont Host work for me?

So I have been trying to get a Jenkins deployment in our rancher clusters.
I decided that I would use an ingress controller as I can’t say where exactly the instance would be at any given time. So in our router, I have set up for in housework only the DNS name of which points to our load balancer for rancher. In rancher, I set up an ingress and set its hostname to and wait till it’s done. After its finished, I point my browser to and I get Default backend - 404. What Am I doing wrong? Cause I don’t know anymore…
I can access the instance if I use the IP directly to it ex: But If it gets set up on a different node then boom that link won’t work

Hello @Austin-Earl,

Can you say a bit more about your setup ? What version ? What kind of Ingress ?


After Going over it for a while I found that it was my fault. I was pointing my Domain name to my loadbalancer for rancher. So the rancher IP was being hit. What i wasn’t familiar with was that I could send the request to any of the nodes with the domain name. So I solved it by chagning my domain name to one of the nodes.
Latter on I might do a floating ip for the nodes for hardware redundancy