Ingress issue with minikibe and rancher

I have minikube and Rancher installed on same server, i am trying to add ingress but its always in initializing state. not sure how do i troubleshoot the issue.


You can not use multiple ingress controller on the same node, binding the same ports (80,443).
If you set up an ingress controller (eg.: nginx) it listens on port 80 and 443.
The second ingress controller will try to bind the same two ports. (HostPort).

nginx ingress controller in Rancher:

- containerPort: 80
  hostPort: 80
  name: http
  protocol: TCP
- containerPort: 443
  hostPort: 443
  name: https
  protocol: TCP

You can use different ports for the second ingress controller.
If your server has multiple IP address you can try define hostIP:

    - containerPort: 443
      hostPort: 443
      name: teszt
      protocol: TCP

You can add extra IP address to your server with ‘ip’ command.

ip link add extip01 link enp2s0 type macvlan mode bridge
ip addr add dev extip01
ifconfig extip01 up

Janos Vincze