Install failed, Then it went downhill. Rancher 2.6.7

I installed rancher 2.6.7 using the helm chart, it ran successfully and presented me with the URL and when I clicked on that URL, the web page came back 404. So I tried to uninstall it. I even used the rancher cleanup job that I found on GitHub. That did not work!

I can’t reinstall, I can’t uninstall, I have to uninstall manually and I don’t know what to uninstall. This is my first K3s cluster (v1.24.3+k3s1) and I’ve learned a lot! Little nervous my toy is broken. If you could give me any idea what to do, I would appreciate it a lot.


Rancher uses Ingress to present itself, and Ingress is like a reverse proxy - it checks your http client (browser)'s Host: header to see which “site” you’re hitting.

From kubectl, take a look at what ingresses exist-

kubectl -n cattle-system get ing

You should see the hostname in there. Access Rancher via that hostname and that hostname ONLY, and if it’s a temporary/lab environment and you don’t have DNS set up for it, use /etc/hosts entries on your workstation to make it happen.

Thanks for responding spirilis and sorry about the delay. I ended up wiping the cluster and I’m running ansible to try it again. I did find an IP conflict between Rancher Ingress and my traefik end point. I’ll let you know how it goes.