Rancher 2.7 not working on K3S with metallb and nginx ingress

Hi all

I set up rancher on a K3S cluster with metallb and nginx-ingress.

The pods are starting up and I can access the website, but only the idle ring appears.
No logon screen or something else.

k3s: v1.26.0-rc1+k3s2
rancher: 2.7.0
nginx-ingress: ingress-nginx-4.4.2
cert-manager: cert-manager-v1.11.0
metallb: v0.13.7

Would appreciate if someone could point me into the right direction.

If logs are needed I will add them on request.

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Just to add to the former description.

I checked with dev tools and got the following output you can see in the attached screenshot.

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Rancher 2.7.0 only support up until k3s v1.24 if I’m not mistaken, so that may be causing issues.

Could you check the logs of Rancher pods?

kubectl -n cattle-system logs deployment/rancher

add --since=15m if there’s a lot of logs to filter that down.

Some information on how you setup the cluster may help as well.