AWS ALB unable to connect to Ingress


I have set up a Rancher 2.x on EC2. I provisioned a Node from the Rancher UI. I have a service running Tomcat. I have set up a Ingress and use the and it is works really well.

Where I am failing is pointing my existing AWS ALB to the Ingress. I wish to substitute the
the xip URL with my own url.

What I have done on the Rancher side is configured a load balancer with the setting ’Specify a hostname to use’

  • Request Host: (
  • Path: /
  • Target: tomcat (workload name)
  • Port: 8080

On my AWS side I have configured the AWS ALB as below. I have tested that connectivity is working by running a standalone docker instance and exposing port 8080. I have since removed this.

URL -> Route 53 -> ALB -> Target Group (EC2 instance created via the Rancher UI)

My understating is that the Ingress allows traffic into the K8s service via the port number. I have tired a number of different combinations, like using the default backend, also the Node port of the workload/service? I keep getting a 504.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!